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BM Tracklist


The Better Mess - LP is a collection of pivotal, life-changing moments and realizations that I've had in the past 4 years. Ultimately, I write to help people observe their realities so that they can begin to heal or change their reality if they want to. But in its elementary stages, I write for myself - because there's something I'm struggling to understand. Each of these 6 songs exposed and/or taught me something that I can never forget or ignore again.

You will find some boundaries being pushed between the genre of each track; some are more pop, some are more alternative, some more natural and some electronic. But what ties this project together is a specific theme: discovering truth; that the discovery of truth is the first step towards change. Each song starts with some form of adamant denial and ends with the admittance of reality. The LP itself starts with a song that validates lying and ends with a song that worships honesty.

The title is also a bit of an oxymoron. A mess is still a mess, even if it's gotten "better" somehow, even if we've cleaned it up a little bit. Let's be real, it's still a mess. The LP's optimistic approach to that song title is that before these 6 songs, I was an absolute mess. Now after them, after all that I've learned, I'm just a better one per se. Which again, is that something you can actually be? Sagittarius Ashley says "yes;" Capricorn Ashley says "no" (I was born on a cusp - internal warfare

is my specialty).


I hope you enjoy the music, that you find the stories take you on a journey through your own life, and that this LP leads you closer to the truth rather than further into the fog.

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