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This vocal transition confronts what is famously known as "the chase." Sometimes there's an energy we think we like, and it seems the only time we get to engage with it is when we "play hard to get." I'm a pretty upfront person. "The chase" (or "The Pursuit" as referred to in this song) is cute to me for like... 5 minutes - otherwise it's a waste of time. For some, it's a fun hobby that helps pass the time though it can be very misleading and manipulative to others. When I was a "worse mess" than I am now (because now I'm a "Better Mess" *ayoo*), I continuously fed games like this that hurt me, because I thought I was playing the role I was supposed to play. I didn't know what love was yet - true friendship - so I kept performing for it. I practiced this pattern so much that I convinced myself I was chasing after something I wanted. This is normal. I'm supposed to be doing this. -- Now I know, nothing I want should harm me. Nothing I want should come with force. I had to learn to let go and trust that who and what should be in my life will come to me organically in time.

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