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MAD in the travel


Mad In The Travel has been a long time coming. It's a desert-themed electronic EP - 2 entities I have a deep-rooted connection with - that I'm humbled to bring to light with my good friend; Miami-based, Venezuelan producer; Eugenio "GVLA" Moleiro (pronounced gula). I've always been fascinated by the desert - its power in nothingness. The hypnosis of its heat, the impact in its silence, the life that thrives where most things wither and die; the gratitude found in barren land.


But what made me cling to it the most is family history. My ancestors have called the desert their home for thousands of years in the Middle-East, and though I was born and raised in America, I somehow continued this tradition in the Mojave Desert of Southern California as if it were pre-ordained.

This EP is all about transitions, about emerging from an old layer of skin. For me that meant, shutting out the noise so I can really hear, erasing the distractions no matter how beautiful so I can really see what was in front of me, and being alone so I can feel and learn freely - thriving from the vast nothingness.

There's this notion that those who wander the desert by their lonesome eventually go "mad in the travel." Exhausted, hungry and thirsty, delusional, desperate and alone - it may sound absurd to say, but I believe those are the times we see things the clearest. We're stripped to our most naked, most starved version of ourselves, and there is no questioning what we want, who we are, and what we seek. It is in our loneliness and adversity that we rediscover ourselves.

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