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Ashes In The Sea

Written by: Ashley S. Beroukhim

Produced by: Ashley S. Beroukhim & Eugenio "GVLA" Moleiro


"Ashes In The Sea" is a Persian-influenced electronic track about rebirth and resurrection. It's about cremating an old self, even a perfect self, and watching new life emerge from the ashes.

I always make this joke that my ancestors were fire worshipers from Mesopotamia doing sword dances around their horses. I'm not far off though - the Persian empire was a Zoroastrian one. Zoroastrian ideology is the backbone of Iranian culture and I wanted to pay homage to what they've taught me.

Fire is a cleansing element in Iranian culture. To this day, we still leap through large flames the Wednesday before Persian New Year to burn the pains and impurities of our past that no longer serve us in order to face the new year ahead with a better mindset. Hence why this video/single is being released on Norooz. :)


The song is spiritual, it's shocking, it's tribal. The weight of the drums and twang of the setars make us feel like we're being purified by ancient ritual. The erratic production changes are there to remind us the storm and chaos that comes with real transformation. Change and rebirth ain't a pretty thing. It's exhausting and time-consuming.

The video captures the vastness of the desert - the immense space for discovery and evolution - while flickering with contrasting colors that represent the unique kaleidoscope within each of us that come together and make us who we are.

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