My Boyfriend

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The song is all about a guy (my ex-drummer, and most certainly not my ex) who thought I was way more into him than was actually true (to put it briefly). I had known him for about 2 years, and as a person who tends to have a reliable sense of people's character, I cherished him as a very valuable friend and bandmate. When those boundaries began to blur, I realized that he was apparently an awful human being who thought criticizing me and blaming me for all his shortcomings was making me fall madly in love with him or something along those lines (the logic is strange, I wish I had answers). He offended my culture, he badmouthed his own friends, he suddenly never wanted to be there when I needed help and always needed me to be there for him; he was a narcissistic sociopath that thought both everything and nothing were his fault.


So... after everything finally blew over, the first verse of this song came to me while pulling up in the driveway to my aunt's while visiting California. The first thing I did after landing in Boston a few days later, was stream-of-consciously finish the note that was started on my phone. "My Boyfriend" was born to make it explicitly clear to his incredibly dense skull that he was not my boyfriend, was never my boyfriend, nor will he ever be my boyfriend and I wouldn't want it to be any another way.


"My Boyfriend" has been one of my most popular songs since we started performing it. People, myself included, have difficulty being sassy, witty or biting toward someone who, let's be real, kiiiiiinda deserves it. Even though we love seeing it happen in the movies doesn't mean we do it in the moment. This song says everything we  wished we could say out-loud to someone who quite honestly needs to hear it. It empowers people to come together and burn the old baggage they may be carrying with them, and that humbles me each time.

Don't conform

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