Fakin' It

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If my whole concept of Dark-Pop had to be condensed to one simple idea, it would be that of "denial and truth."


Mental health is dependent on so many factors, but a substantial one of them is facing truth and then acting accordingly. Looking at the cold facts. Admitting who is accountable for what, and ultimately? Asking ourselves if we want to be where we are anymore.

We put ourselves through endless cycles, preaching but still stuck in the same patterns that control our growth.

This song is about facing the truth of a very uncomfortable situation that occurred between myself and a friend of mine - a physical altercation to be honest, and in order to maintain normalcy and to keep from collapsing - it was as if nothing happened. I made my excuses, laughed at his jokes, shrugged my shoulders and pretended we were fine - but of course we weren't. 

Lying and avoidance has never solved our problems. Though they may bury them, the earth always renews and pulls old soil back up. I had to stop scapegoating myself. It is not our fault that we are simply not made or meant for some people. Though sometimes we wish it was otherwise.


We may try to force it to be what we wanted, but forced is fake and therefore non-functional. It's not real. Sometimes we think if we "fake it" things will be better, but it just perpetuates a lie that controls our life when we should be controlling it.

Don't conform

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