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Voice, Piano, Drums, Guitar



A first-generation American, Ashley Sarah Beroukhim is a born Angelino with permanent residence in California however proudly holds the blood of history, culture, and revolution in her veins. A child of war-torn, Iranian immigrants; she finds bringing knowledge to her fellow peers and permeating her background into music is one of the strongest tools musicians innately have to emanate tolerance and equality into our constantly developing society. 

With a focus on Philosophy and Literature, Ashley completed an Associate's Degree in the Humanities & Fine Arts at Pierce College on the West Coast but needed to pursue the musical career she had sought since she could recall. Even so, she values nothing greater than a broad and cultured education, stating that well-versing oneself with other disciplines only cultivates one's art, if cultivating one's character was not reason enough.

Under the stage name, Ashley Zarah, Ashley Beroukhim has released two self-produced and engineered singles (Control, Banshee) followed by her first EP (This Song Again), recently released in January of 2018. She has and continues to be a prolific songwriter in Los Angeles and Boston.


Coming from a background of non-musicians, but music-lovers nonetheless, she understood early that guidance would not be easy to find in the industry. Not wanting her career to succumb to her lack of a musical education, Ashley became self-taught on piano and guitar (currently dabbling with any drum-set she can get ahold of), and pursued music production in her own time. After being accepted into the Music Production & Engineering program at Berklee College of Music, she felt a rush of relief knowing those were two more things she did not have to slave over on her own.


On-Campus Engagement

1. Participant in numerous recordings for student projects (commercials, a capella arrangements, soundalikes etc. performing in English, Farsi, Portuguese, Spanish, and French)

2. Assistant and performer in Paul Stiller's Ear Training presentation during 2017's Fall Family Weekend (Sting - Russians; Charlie Parker - Donna Lee)

3. Guest performer/recording artist for Ted Paduck's Mix Techniques class (Fall 2017)

4. Member of Berklee's Iranian Student Association

5. Chosen recording artist (vocalist, lyricist, arranger, composer and co-producer) for an MP&E student's final project & two sound-alikes

6. Employed in the Voice Department 

7. Vocalist and pianist/keyboard player for Women of Rock ensemble (Spring 2017)

8. Attendee of the Spring 2017 Nashville Trip

9. Constant academic achievement and placement on Dean's List

10. Vocalist in the Pop/Rock/R&B/Jazz ensemble (Recital in the Berk Recital Hall; Fall 2016) 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Stevie Wonder Cover)Matthew Swedo
Lead Vocalist
Smile (A Capella Cover)David Lockhart
Backup and Lead Vocalist (final verse through outro)
Words (Cyrille Aimee Cover)David Lockhart
Backup and Filler Vocalist
Locked Out of Heaven Intro (Bruno Mars A Capella Cover)David Lockhart
Backup and Lead Vocalist

Off-Campus Engagement

1. Co-wrote and performed on "Forward" with LA artist/producer, South Lyon

2. Co-wrote theme, "The Only Thing," for Los Angeles film, A Dance of Lust and Calculus

3. Co-wrote, produced, and performer on the track "Prey" for upcoming Boston artist

4. Producing/Co-writing with French, Jazz/Pop vocalist and composer Marie Goetzinger for EP


5. Co-wrote and performed on "Semicolon" with electronic, LA based artist/producer, Athrill (Dane Markanson - Metal guitarist/producer; Associated acts: Lack of Remorse, Bryan Lin, John Simmon Fallon, Glass Cloud)

6. Working with Canadian artist/producer Zayah B on original single, "Black Sheep"

7. Currently in Pre-Production for personal project (Better Mess - EP) set for recording this summer

8. Singer/Songwriter, composer, arranger producer, manager for East/West Coast act, Ashley Zarah 

9. Performer at The Bebop (Boylston St., Boston; 10/20/17, 11/5/17)

10. Upcoming performer and host of The Midway Cafe's matinee show (4/1/18)

11. Upcoming Berklee Recital in Oliver Colvin Hall (3/28/18)

12. Vocal Coach (in both Los Angeles and Boston) 

13. Winner of Best Original Song, Best Singer, and Best Singer/Songwriter awards in past years

14. Seasonal performer in local piano shops prior to Berklee and participant in local workshops

15. Previous lead singer, lyricist, arranger for disbanded LA Pop/Rock band, Juno

16. Highlighted artist with televised performances and interviews in the Beverly Hills district

Media Highlights

Co-Writer and Performer (Vocals)
Co-Writer and Lead Vocalist
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