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D-SAB & Ashley zarah



Music & Lyrics: Ashley S. Beroukhim

Production, Mixing, Mastering: Daniel Sabet (D-SAB)

Release Date: Fri. August 14th, 2020

The mind is really an incredible place. Once you let go of something, you've let go; there's no going back. You're no longer reaching for excuses or searching for solutions when it finally clicks in your head that there's nothing here for you anymore. It's difficult to convince other people to do that when they're still hooked to something.

"Let Go" is about people who are attached to a bitter past and truly believe that you are too. I always find it amazing when someone who was blatantly awful and hardly memorable thinks I continue to think fondly of them.


But aggressors hold a delusional view of the toxic past they shared with you; to the extent of both hating you, but also longing for the dominance they felt with you, and therefore wanting you back.


"I bet you call me crazy.

Forgettin' your flaws -

Remembrin' how good it was

Ignorin' your 'baby.'"

In addition, they think you're suffering the same internal conflict - but you're not... you see right through them.


Many who are power hungry in relationships think they're amazingly clever in their manipulation; but in reality, they are extremely predictable and it's terribly boring. Nothing they do, no matter how cringe-worthy, is ever really that surprising. We can recognize their crazy patterns and know that another night of praying won't fix anything that doesn't want to be fixed.


"Maybe if we pray another night, the petal won't fall, the flower won't die. But I want you to let go -"

If anything, their sociopathic behaviors are just little wake up calls that remind us it's not worth it anymore.

"And I thank you for waiting, for the best time to say you were satisfied. Nothing ever fazed me. You wake me, you wake me up."

"And it was so amazing... feeling your touch, but not feeling it enough to be worth saving. You wake me and shake me up."

Reliving their glory days of faux power feeds their ego and validates their present, especially when they're convinced their old pawns are still hung up on them...

We're not. And the idea of still being on your mind is kinda gross. :)

This song is all about asking someone to let go of you, to move on from the what-ifs and maybes 

and to just put an end to your chapter together. Plus let's not pretend it was ever that great to begin with.


"Let go of every memory that you had of me."

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