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Social Media Campaign

Thank you very much for using your time and unique style to translate #LikeIDo to your audience. This song promotes self-confidence and self-love - a message that saves lives, combats mental illness, and builds better relationships not only with ourselves, but with the people around us. I hope one of the versions above speaks this message to you and inspires you to create/choreograph something from your heart so you may pass the positivity and strength to those around you.
With Love and Appreciation,
Ashley Zarah


If dancing to a remixed version of the song, you may only post on the release date on March 6th and after. We cannot leak the music any earlier. Doing so is illegal; you can post teasers/sneak-peeks of the song/video though!

If choosing to dance to the original mix which is already released, you may post your video at anytime with no restrictions. :)

Please tag the song (#LikeIDo), the campaign (#DanceLikeIDo) and tag the artists in correlation to the version you have chosen:


Ashley Zarah
Insta: @AshZarah
TikTok: @AshZarah
Facebook: @Ashley Zarah Music
YouTube: #AshleyZarah


Insta: @iammkblv
Facebook: @MKBLV


Insta: @gulasound

Twitter: @gulasound

Snapchat: @gulasound
Facebook: @GVLA


Insta: @PlotTwis.t
TikTok: @PlotTwist
Facebook: @Plot Twist
YouTube: #PlotTwist


J.D. Rich

Insta: @jdrichmusic

Asteroids & Earthquakes
Insta: @asteroidsandearthquakes
Facebook: @Asteroids and Earthquakes

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