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Az Khābeh Shirin
از خواب شیرین

"From a Sweet Dream"

This EP is a reimagination of Persian classics, melding traditional Persian elements with modern, genre-bending arrangements. Intentionally released during Noooz/ Persian New Year, this music intends to unite scattered Iranians in the diaspora and celebrate the richness and beauty of Iranian culture... may it lull you into a sweet dream...

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Yā Molā

Yā Molā is a traditional Afghani/Iranian folk song that compares the changing of seasons (into Spring) with the renewal of reuniting with one's soulmate, and the natural pain that comes with the separation.

Shahzādeye Royāye Man

In our version of Shahzādeye Royāye Man, we turn a well-known piece from Siamak Yasemi’s 1967 film "Dalahoo,” into a dreamy waltz, with a new approach to the story captured by Areon Mobasher in the music video. A beloved song from an old Iranian film, now a sentimental favorite among the global and widespread Persian community.

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Gole Sang

Possibly one of the most famous songs in Iranian anthology is the famed Gole Sang by the Persian Queen of Pop, Hayedeh. Gole Sang tells the tale of turning into a rose of stone as a result of losing the care of someone they still love.

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