SOUND SURFER & Ashley zarah

"As the title says, it’s a song that is about dreams - places - away from us: metaphorically, places where we find peace and solace (dream), but also not easily to be found and entered (away). This song ideally represents the journey to find your inner peace by finding and evoking a safe place that’s far from your everyday life, and that really resonates with lots of themes such as religion, philosophy or even meditation, they can all be the access key. This journey’s path to the metaphysic, which is different to each human being, however, is not that easy. It’s a real struggle for everyone and it can cause various problems. 


This journey resonates with my life but it can also be expanded to all others then!"


- Soul Surfer -

When I was approached by Stefano about writing for this project, I was immediately inspired by the world he built and very connected to the intention of the song. It was very "Porter Robinson" in every way, and I LOVE Porter Robinson so -

I think Stefano said it best, but "Dream Away" is all about seeking a place of harmony. It's a place that is different for everyone, but one that you know exists, maybe because you've been there before or you've just caught a glimpse; but it's constantly in and out of reach. It's about the euphoria and alignment you feel when you've reached this place, but also the displacement we feel when it goes missing.

Over the passed year, I experienced an enormous shift - plummeting from the purest, happiest version of myself to absolute rock bottom. It was as if my old life was launched into a black hole and could never be accessed, reconstructed, nor seen again; like it was some dream, a figment of my imagination, not even part of my past. Every, bleak, morning I woke to reminded me of that. I thought I had established my identity and fortified my best self over years of grueling work and self-discipline - and I lost it all in a month - I lost the feeling, I lost the map to take me back there - it was like being kicked out of heaven and wandering madly until you forget it existed.

It's been over a year since then; since starting from scratch and rebuilding my best self; and this song came at the perfect time - it definitely aided in the exploration of that. Of remembering that my harmony is still out there and constantly changing; that the "dreams" we "lose" are just taking their exit because they're out of lessons to teach us. Then new challenges take its place, and with a lot of practiced effort, guides us toward our new dream.

- Ashley Zarah -

I think, I think it was brighter

A sweet memory in the fire

My body is suddenly lighter...


I float but know not where I’m going

I follow a feeling of hope and,

The moment I catch it’s closing...


Music & Lyrics: Ashley S. Beroukhim

Music, Production, Mixing, Mastering: Sound Surfer (Stefano)

Release Date: Undetermined

Don't conform

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