Written by: Ashley S. Beroukhim

Produced by: Ashley S. Beroukhim & Eugenio "GVLA" Moleiro

Shadow is where this whole project started. The title, "Mad In The Travel," comes from a lyric in this song.


I had just come back to LA after living independently in Boston for 4 years. Things had changed - I'd changed, and it was painfully difficult assimilating to my new life "back home." I felt lost and extremely detached to both myself and the Universe, to whatever greater power is looming above and around us. In Judaism, we believe that there is a little bit of "G-d" (light, energy, the Universe etc.) within every living organism - therefore, we're all connected, we all have light inside of us that unifies us. That connection had been severed, and I was desperately chasing after a shadow of what I once was, chasing the shadow of whoever was protecting me this whole time, until now. It was so quiet now.

Where "Ashes In The Sea" is in a spiritual sense about rebirth and resurrection; Shadow is in the same sense about abandonment and detachment. This was particularly written about feeling abandoned by G-d and seeking guidance, begging for any sign from the Universe that I was still being watched over.